1/350 HMS Hood
by Gold Medal models
This set is a supplement to the Gold Medal Models #350-37 HMS Hood detail set. If you haven't already read our review of that set, read it first and then come back and read this one. This set picks up where that one leaves off. by adding many extra detail items and some parts that will let you backdate the ship. The aircraft crane and catapult included in this set are for a 1929-32 ship when she carried the Fairey Float plane. As you may know the Trumpeter Hood depicts the the ship in 1941 well after she lost her float planes. Once you see these relief etch catapults, with the rows of raised rivet heads, you will be tempted to use this set to do a prewar Hood. As with their other sets this one if extremely well done. It features realistic relief etching and sharp detailing. It is really a set designed for the perfectionists. One look at even the most basic of items such as the flag staff and jack staff and you will see what I mean. I had never noticed how complex such a simple detail like this was. 
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Take a look at the detailed boat davits shown in both stowed and deployed. They feature some really complex rigging detail. Let's not overlook the new decks for the ships boats, they have a real scale appearance and are far superior to those included in the kit. There are even tampions (barrel plugs) with the ships crest etched on the surface. These plugs are tiny, yet you can make out the details!
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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Also included on the fret:
  • Additional watertight doors in the correct sizes and in two styles including open and closed versions
  • additional fold-to-shape crutches (chocks) for all ship's boats
  • complete set of 3-D relief-etched skylight covers for U.P. deck
  • highly accurate replacement davits and griping spars for two seaboats in choice of stowed and deployed positions
  • 3-D relief-etched thwarts and internal stern gratings for ship's boats
  • additional detailed awning stanchions in bipod and tripod styles with matching drilling jigs for both
  • additional small handling davits in several styles
  • see-through window frames for fighting top
  • detailed fold-to-shape night life buoys with stowage racks
  • 3-D relief etched tampions for 15" gun barrels
  • boat boom brackets for hull sides
  • highly detailed aircraft catapult and launching shuttle for 1929 - 1932 Hood
  • struts and propellers for Fairey floatplane provided for scratchbuilders
  • highly detailed aircraft recovery crane with rigging and hooks for 1929 - 1932 Hood
  • X-turret aircraft platform sections
  • detailed jackstaff with bullnose and ensign staff including braces & anchor lights
  • Extra eyebolts are provided for custom work.
  • Plus many extra parts just in case.
The instructions as usual are well written and illustrated. Plenty of 3D assembly views are included that show the photo etch parts and where needed the plastic parts they work with. Historical notes are included where needed to help you decide what parts to fit to your ship. The ship is shown in elevation in her final 1941 appearance as well as the prewar fit with the aircraft crane on the stern. 
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This is an excellent set for anyone who wants to take their HMS Hood above and beyond the norm. It is not for the beginner, but advanced modelers will really appreciate the extra detailing items included. It is set number #350-37A and has a retail price of $28.00 US. A great price when you consider the extra value it adds to your kit.  It is designed to supplement the  #350-37 detail set.  You can order direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold.

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