1/350 North Carolina Class
Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
The new Trumpeter 1/350 USS North Carolina is a yet another pleasant surprise for modelers. The line of 1/350 scale ships is growing fast, but then so is the line of fine photo etch for them. Loren Perry has really packed in a lot of detail in a single fret. Many parts you are already familiar with such as the radar's that have been available separately. But this is not just a bunch of old sets combined into one. It is a new set tailored to fit the Trumpeter kit, from the pre formed railings with cutouts that line up with the kit's plastic chocks. To the open grate platforms that wrap around the funnels.
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The parts are relief etched where needed to give them a more realistic 3D appearance. All of the usual parts are included with some others that are a pleasant surprise such as the armored covers for the bridge portholes and the detailed yardarms for both masts. Naturally this set includes plenty of 20 mm gun shields since there are none included in the Trumpeter kit. You can also add the gun sights, elevation wheels, and should rests while your at it.
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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This new set is custom designed for the Trumpeter USS North Carolina kit and contains the following items: 
  • custom fitted and pre shaped main deck railing with pre positioned  cutouts for chocks and catapults
  • specialized railing in all the correct styles for upper decks
  • 26 watertight doors in the correct size and in two styles
  • sixteen inclined ladders in two sizes
  • twelve lengths of vertical ladders
  • SK, SK-2, SC-2, SG radar's
  • Mk. 3, Mk. 8,  and Mk. 12 radar's
  • Mk. 22, & Mk. 27 radar antennas
  • TDY ECM antenna
  • two TBS antennas
  • propellers for OS2U and SC-1 floatplanes
  • two aircraft catapults
  • stern crane with hooks & rigging
  • two boat crane booms with hooks & rigging
  • armor shields with folding template
  • rails, and gun sights for sixteen (16) 40 mm Bofors
  • similar details for sixty (60) 20 mm Oerlikons
  • gun sights for twelve (12) 5" dual gun mounts
  • paddles plus perforated bottoms for 22 life rafts in two styles
  • highly detailed replacement yardarms in the correct sizes for both masts
  • pre shaped catwalks and railings plus funnel cap grilles for both funnels
  • rudders and chocks for two 26' motor whaleboats
  • two leadsman's platforms
  • detailed deck hatches in five styles
  • 24 armored covers for bridge portholes
  • four ladder well coamings with handrails for superstructure inclined ladders
  • four cable reels
  • two anchor hawsepipe screens
  • six anchor capstan brake wheels in two styles
  • eight life preservers

  • Numerous spare parts are included in the event of loss or damage. 
The instructions as usual are excellent, with a variety of well drawn sub assembly views. Parts locations are clearly indicated as well as how the parts integrate with the plastic ones.

NOTE: On the first 90 sets there is a 40 mm gun shield with a gap in one side. This is an extra and should not cause a problem. You can use this part as a practice piece. 

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This is an excellent set for anyone who want to build the Showboat in 350 scale. It has everything you need to do a first class build of this kit, and I suspect we will be seeing more prize winning buildups soon using this set.

It is set number #350-34 and has a retail price of $42.00 US. A great price when you consider the extra value it adds to your kit. You can order direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold.

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