1/350 Admiral Kuznetzov
Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
The new Trumpeter 1/350 Admiral Kuznetzov was a yet another pleasant surprise for modelers. The amount of new 1/350 scale kits must be overwhelming, but Gold Medal Models now has a dedicated Photo Etch set for this one as well. Working with the actual kit Loren Perry has come up with this fret that will allow you to dress out your kit to another level. This set is custom fitted to the Trumpeter kit so you will not need to cut and fit generic parts to your kit. The hard work has been done for you.
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The fret is relief etched to the typical of the quality that Gold Medal Models has come to represent. Details are very fine and well designed. Besides the custom railing you will really benefit from the safety railings that replace the molded on plastic ones in the kit. Another weak point of the kit is the molded on radar's. This is well covered by the complete selection of Soviet/Russian radar's on the fret. The retractable railing for the flight deck elevators even come with a drilling template. Another nice touch are the windshield wipers for the bridge windows. The catwalks for the various radar platforms are done in the unique bar style. You even get bow crests for the ship in the early and late styles.
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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Included on the fret:
  • Correct style retractable safety railing for the forward flight deck complete with a drilling jig to ease installation
  • correct pattern Russian type railing with  turnbuckle details in several styles (most custom fitted to the kit)
  • special retractable safety railing for the two flight deck elevators
  • vertical and inclined ladders
  • detailed yardarms with associated platforms
  • parts for all the required radar antennas
    • Top Plate
    • Strut Pair
    • Palm Frond
    • Cross Sword
    • Sky Watch
    • CADS-1
  • detailed antennas and dedicated railing for the Cake Stand array
  • pre shaped safety netting for the flight deck
  • all required ECM, direction finder, and other small antennas
  • cable reels
  • anemometers
  • rotors in folded and deployed positions for a total of six Kamov helicopters
  • details for the ship's boats
  • watertight doors in two styles
  • correct pattern perforated catwalks for several areas on the island
  • windshield wipers for all appropriate areas in the island
  • fold-to-shape platforms for several areas on the ship
  • two 3-D relief etched bow crests in early and late styles.
The instructions as usual are well written and illustrated. They show the assembly process in several well illustrated detail views. The PE assembly as well as how those parts fit in with the kits plastic parts is shown. I really like this style of instructions, with the railings shown in place on views of the kit. The isometric 3D style drawings are easy to understand. A plan and elevation view with some of the safety rails and netting locations is also included.
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This is an excellent set for anyone who want to do a quality Admiral Kuznetzov. It is set number #350-32 and has a retail price of $42.00 US. A great price when you consider the value it adds to your kit. You can order direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold.

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