1/350 Nimitz Class CVN Extra Detail Set
Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
2004 has been quite a year for ship modelers, with the new Trumpeter Nimitz making a real splash on the market. But since most of us are not content to build out of the box anymore and if you have already decided to use the GMM Nimitz class set you will probably want to use this set as well and really take your kit to the next level. This set compliments the basic set by adding those extra details that some modelers simply wont take the time to add. Those that do choose to go make that extra effort will be rewarded with that transparent look of the open grate catwalks and can choose from the appropriate radar mast and platforms to go with their ship.
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This set is relief etched out of  .005" (five thousands) thick brass sheet. The highlights of this set are the catwalk grating and the various radar masts. Loren Perry has really done his homework on this set. I can hardly wait to see a finished kit with this set.
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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The instructions are well written and well illustrated. They show enough detail view to leave little doubt as to where everything goes. The instructions show the way the photo etch is incorporated with the kit supplied parts. They also show some of the differences in the ships of this class.

Gold Medal Models continues to set the standard for well written instructions.

Included in the set:click to go to Gold Medal Models website
  • A full complement of highly detailed replacement aft radar masts (seven in all) with perforated platforms & braces
  • ECM huts and related details for all ships of the class up to CVN-75
  • A detailed Landing Signal Officer's (LSO) platform with windscreen & safety nets
  • A full set of custom fitted open flight deck catwalk gratings with correct grid pattern and built-in locators for fuel hose reels
  • A full set of pre shaped braces for their undersides
  • Details for ship's boats (rudders, propellers, steering wheels & windshield)
  • Tow tractors (detailed front ends and steering wheels) & boat crane (hooks in two lengths)
  • Correct "Tilly" wreck crane boom assembly with rigging
  • Fifty aircraft tow bars
  • Pre shaped Underway Replenishment (UnRep) hose with simulated rigging & pulleys
  • Fold-to-shape stern boat dock for later ships in the class
  • Two fold-to-shape Naval Sea Sparrow Missile (NSSM) director platforms with deflector bulwarks and braces
  • Ladders
  • Antennas, etc.

This set is designed to go along with GMM's No. 350-28 (1/350 Nimitz) basic fittings set to super detail the Nimitz kit or convert it into other ships of the class. It is an excellent set for the Nimitz and her sister ships It has a retail price of $42.00 US and is available direct from Gold Medal Models or wherever fine ship accessories are sold.

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