Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
There is a new fletcher kit on the market in the form of the Trumpeter 1/350 USS The Sullivans. A kit that is a little lacking in the detail department. Years ago Gold Medal Models designed a Photo Etch set to work with the predecessor of the Trumpeter kit, the good old Tamiya USS Fletcher. That set could be used as is, but some things have changed since then. Number one Loren Perry has gone from one of the pioneers of photo etching, to one of the master craftsmen of the trade. So that old set just wasn't good enough and was lacking in the latest relief etched technology. So Loren went back to the drawing board and improved his set into this new one that will work equally well on any 1/350 Fletcher class kit on the market, now or in the near future. I never cease to be amazed with the output and quality that Gold Medal Models has been attaining. Especially with so many new kits coming on the market. It would be so easy to just rush some more of the old sets into production and call it good. With new sources of competition coming on the market, good is just not enough. This newly revised set is no disappointment it delivers all the detail parts needed to finish the kit in style.
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Included on this relief etched brass fret is just about every detail item you could even think of. The railings are there for all levels and are custom tailored to fit the Fletcher. The railings feature the safety netting along the bottom, and openings for the chocks on the Tamiya kit. The Trumpeter version includes new chocks to replace those poorly formed ones on that kit. Separate chock halves are included to thicken up the ones attached to the railings.
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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Many of the familiar old Gold Medal parts are still there but in improved form. The fire control and main radar assemblies are finer and more detailed. The assortment of sharply etched doors includes both the 5" and 5'-6" versions found on US Destroyers. The 20 mm gun details are tailors to fit the plastic parts in the kit and include shields with wider slots to fit the slightly over scale plastic gun barrels. Gun sights, hand wheels and shoulder braces will help make these guns appear realistic. Funnel platforms and details will help make enhance the otherwise soft detailing in that area of the kit. New signal stands are included for the bridge and for the really insane there are scale size turnbuckles.

Also included on the fret are:

  • Railing in several styles, including pre shaped sections for bridge roof and upswept main deck.
  • Vertical and inclined ladders
  • depth charges tracks and stowage racks
  • K-gun loading racks in single-row and double-row styles
  • 40 mm and 20 mm anti-aircraft gun details
  • life raft racks
  • propeller guards
  • funnel cap grilles
  • boat details
  • mast and yardarm details
  • Mk. 12,  Mk. 22, SC, SC-2, and SG radar's
  • ECM antennas
  • Stokes litters
  • watertight doors
  • capstan brake wheels and assorted control wheels.
The instructions as usual are excellent, with a variety of well drawn sub assembly views. Parts locations are clearly indicated as well as how the parts integrate with the plastic ones. Both mid and late war layouts are shown in plan and elevation views. There are even notes about some corrections that need to be made to both the Trumpeter and Tamiya kits. 
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This is set #350-14  World War 2 Fletcher Class Destroyer available for $32.00 US. A great price for a set that can be used to do either ship. This one is everything you need to take those basis kits and make them works of art. You can order direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold.