1/700 HMS Prince of Wales 1941.12 Upgrade Set


Reviewed March 2018
by Martin J Quinn
Flyhawk has released a photo-etch upgrade set to enhance their 1/700 HMS Prince of Wales (FH1117), set FH710031, HMS Prince of Wales 1941.12 (Upgraded).  The set contains three photo-etch frets. 
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The photo-etch crane booms, pulleys, funnel caps, funnel platforms, bracing for the masts, small radars for the AA directors, davits and assorted railings are found here.   The fret is very thin, with nice detail. 
There are railings, inclined ladders, jack and flag staffs, gun sights and other assorted parts on this fret.   Some of the parts have relief etching. 
The anchor chain, railings for the main deck - including upswept railings for the bow - and the parts for the Type 281 radar are on this fret. 
The instructions are two pages.  One is double sided, and included most of the instructions for the cranes, masts, radars, etc.   There is a second, smaller sheet that shows where to place photo-etch parts on the deck.   The instructions reference parts on the model which will be replaced by the photo-etch, so make sure you pay close attention to what you are doing, and keep the instructions to the Prince of Wales kit handy.
This photo-etch set is made specifically for Flyhawk's basic Prince of Wales kit (FH1117).   The parts are finely etched, with good detail.   The parts are also very thin, and you should be careful when removing them from the fret and bending them into shape. 

This is Flyhawk set FH710031, the photo-etch upgrade set for their Prince of Wales kit. It retails for around $24.00.  Thanks to Flyhawk for the review sample.   Recommended.