Flyhawk 1/700
USS Virginia CGN-38 Detail Set (For Dragon 7090)
Yet another review
by Sean Hert
September 2012

This set of four photoetched brass sheets from Flyhawk is intended for the Dragon 1/700 USS Virginia, CGN-38. The Virginia was the namesake of her class of nuclear-powered cruisers. The Virginia class totalled four ships, and were the last class of nuclear-powered cruisers commissioned by the United States Navy.


Fret A has large variety of assemblies crammed into this little fret. The two primary radars are here, both the SPS-40 and SPS-48, replacements for the harpoon launchers (these will need plastic rod [not provided]), UNREP RAM tensioner, parts for the CIWS- including an etched barrel assembly, prop blades, spray deflectors and upgraded bridge windows- and that is just a partial list! And let's not forget Flyhawk has included replacement flag bags to correct Dragon's laughable error.


B replaces the surface of the helo deck with a single etched part which has relief-etched tie downs already in place. This fret also includes the safety nets for placement upon the perimeter of this area.

Additionally, this fret included a large number of replacement watertight doors and hatches, which may be positioned either open or closed, as well as lengths of external conduit for the superstructure.


Fret C is your typical railing sprue, with 4 varieties, each specific in placement around Virginia.


Fret D has a nice platform with railings for the superstructure, a complex-looking boat cradle, and helicopter blades for the embarked Seahawk- in both stowed and deployed fashions.


Flyhawk has their normal three color, set of instructions, one double-sided long sheet. Flyhawk relies on little text, using sequential drawings to show how best to use and install this upgrade set, using a combination of replacement of kit parts or a synergy of the both plastic and photoetch. However, there does appear to be some parts that do not have corresponding instructions included.


This Flyhawk update set is uniformly, crisply etched, with a fine level of detail, and will take this good Dragon kit up to an amazing amount of detail. With Dragon's recent announcement of a CGN-41 USS Arkansas, this set should cover most of her as well. (Apart from needed an SPS-49)

This is set #FH710002 1/700 USS Virginia CGN-38 Detail Set (For Dragon 7090) with a list price of $29.95. Flyhawk products are available from many online and traditional retailers. thanks Flyhawk for providing this review sample.