Flyhawk 1/700
IJN Myoko Metal Deck
Yet another review
by Sean Hert

This upgrade from Flyhawk for the 1/700 Myoko cruisers is a replacement for the two main decks on these cruisers, fore and aft. These decks simulate the linoleum deck covering, with nicely etched retaining straps- with rivet detail- between each strip. This set also includes some etched hatch covers, capstan tops, and hawse pipe openings.



Flyhawk has their normal three color, set of instructions constituting a single printed page. There is an additional sticker applied to the packaging, offering addtional input.(Probably refers to sets #FH700160, -161, -162; upgraded ventilators)


These two deck pieces are a real improvement over the injection molded plastic decks normally seen. They should be a noticeable improvement to your model!

This is set #FH700092 1/700 IJN Myoko Metal Decks has a list price of $16.95. Flyhawk products are available from many online and traditional retailers. thanks Flyhawk for providing this review sample.