FlyHawk Model 1/700 Hasegawa IJN Myoko Detail Set

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Flyhawk's detail set for the Hasegawa 1/700 Myoko consists of 11 frets of photoetched detail, and 10 turned brass barrels for the main guns. 9 of these frets are unique to the Myoko kit, and 2 are previously issued Flyhawk IJN sets; FH70011 1/700 IJN Heavy Ammunition Box, and FH70022 1/700 IJN Binoculars & Fire Controller.


Fret A has many of the platforms and other details for the bridge and forward superstructure of this cruiser.

Fret A

Fret B concerns itself with the floatplane deck. There is an entirely new replacement deck here, along with upgraded floatplane handling crane, catapult, airplane cradles and turntables. The etched rails for moving the floatplanes around on the cradle are amazingly fine.

Fret B

Fret C is mainly upgrades for the admidships light AA platforms, and details for the boat crane.

Fret C

Main deck AA tub replacments, details for the stacks and ladders comprise fret D.

Fret D

A variety of upgrades for the 5 main turrets of Myoko are on this fret, with the primary focus being the large heat shields fitted for service in tropical seas.

Fret E

Nine types of watertight doors; hose reels; rigging and propellors for the floatplanes are the focus of fret F.

Fret F

This fret has the degaussing cable, boat davits, accomodation ladders, anchors and deployed boat booms for dioramas.

Fret G

This fret is all about detailing the ships boats; upgraded cabins, boat cradles and awnings.

Fret H

This fret is primarily pre-shaped railings for Myoko.

Fret I

There are 10 machined brass barrels, upgrades for the plastic ones in the kit. It is somewhat unfortunate there are not any brass barrels included for the AA guns


FH70011 1/700 IJN Heavy Ammunition Box / FH70022 1/700 IJN Binoculars & Fire Controller

The two included frets of ammo boxes and AA fire controllers.

IJN Heavy Ammunition Box

IJN Binoculars & Fire Controller

There are four sheets of instructions; 2 double-sided pages for the majority of the set, and then 2 seperate sheets for the included sets; FH70011 1/700 IJN Heavy Ammunition Box, and FH70022 1/700 IJN Binoculars & Fire Controller.

IJN Heavy Ammunition Box

IJN Binoculars & Fire Controller

This set is a wonderful addition for a 1/700 Hasegawa Myoko, assured to raising the model to a new level of detail. While the etched brass is of the highest quality, the instructions are still something of a disappointment. Special care and research, plus good knowledge of the subject, are really necessary for this set. Flyhawk continues to have good value for the money, but is not a good choice for a beginner.

Thanks to Flyhawk Models for this review sample.