FlyHawk Model 1/700 IJN Kongo Detail Set

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Flyhawk's detail set for the Fujimi 1/700 Kongo consists of 11 frets of photoetched detail, and turned brass barrels for the main guns. 9 of these frets are unique to the Kongo kit, and 2 are previously issued Flyhawk IJN sets; FH70011 1/700 IJN Heavy Ammunition Box, and FH70022 1/700 IJN Binoculars & Fire Controller.

The brass used in this kit is of the perfect thickness; a nice compromise between workability and stability, and make this set fun to use. The predefined bends makes it easy to deal to fold the pieces in this set. The accuracy of the parts is amazing; pieces just fit into place perfectly.


This fret covers a number of large upgrades for the forward superstructure and bridge. Some of these parts, for example pieces A7, A38, A40, A39, will prove to be very challenging.

Fret A

B appears to focus on the upgrades for the 4 main turrets; AA platforms, antenna towers, railings and the like.

Fret B

Fret C concerns itself with the floatplane deck. There is an entirely new replacement deck here, along with upgraded floatplane handling crane, catapult, airplane cradles and turntables. The etched rails for moving the floatplanes around on the cradle are amazingly fine (parts C23-30).

Fret C

Upgraded platforms amidships and searchlight towers make up fret D.

Fret D

This fret has over 75 watertight doors. in 10 different styles; these doors have 2-sided detail, will required FOLDING, and can be positioned either opened or closed. Floatplane propellers, float supports and an etched cockpit enclosure are also here.

Fret E

Anchors, davits and mooring booms make up fret F; items mainly dealing with upgrades to the hull.

Fret F

G is all about the railings and ladders. 2 styles of railing are included, as well as the accomodation platforms.

Fret G

Fret H is one of details for the ships boats. Awnings and oars, to cradles and bulwarks, this fret carries a real variety of upgrade details.

Fret H

I is mainly about the railings that surround the outside of the funnels. There are also replacement louvers for the searchlights.

Fret I

There are 8 machined brass barrels, upgrades for the plastic ones in the kit. It is somewhat unfortunate there are not any brass barrels included for the AA guns

FH70011 1/700 IJN Heavy Ammunition Box / FH70022 1/700 IJN Binoculars & Fire Controller

The two included frets of ammo boxes and AA fire controllers.

IJN Heavy Ammunition Box

IJN Binoculars & Fire Controller

There are four sheets of instructions; 2 double-sided pages for the majority of the set, and then 2 seperate sheets for the included sets; FH70011 1/700 IJN Heavy Ammunition Box, and FH70022 1/700 IJN Binoculars & Fire Controller.

The instructions are ok to work with, but nothing outstanding -just average. The instructions particaularly fail when showing the funnels and handrails. It is difficult to determine correct parts placement.


This set looks to be very inclusive, and a great product and it really is fun to work with. There are a few details missing from both the kit and this upgrade set (Practice loader, catwalks, W/T supporting stanchion at the aft turret, etc), but all the typical details are included for IJN Ships. The parts are very balanced in "Truth to scale". PE Rig-elements, handrails and railings are almost the half the diameter of the anchor chain, but despite this it turns out very well and eye pleasing. They found the right compromise.

The instructions are a bit of a disappointment. It would be a unique selling point to deliver a manual which is better than others. There is a noticable gap in quality between the product and the instructions. A master-model section where the detail should be added, (Like the pictures at the boxing, but taller) is maybe something to remedy. Overall, it is a 95 of 100 achievment. Worth the Money- but not for beginners.

Thanks to Flyhawk Models for this review sample, and thanks to Alexander Glass (MöLDERS) for feedback and commentary on this set.