FlyHawk Model 1/700 USS Ticonderoga Class CG

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Dragon's USS Ticonderoga class kits have been released a few times in the past, with the most recent release as the USS Monterey CG-61. Flyhawk has an extensive photo-etch upgrade set available, sure to satisfy the modeler who wants to upgrade his ship to the best it can be.

The 5 frets of PE that comprise this upgrade cover most of the ship, from stem to stern. From rail-mounted M249 machineguns to an upgrade lattice main mast and AEGIS panels, this set has many details both large and small.

Fret A covers a number of large assemblies, like rotors for the SH-60 helicopter, the SPS-49 and AEGIS Planar Arrays and VLS Doors. Nulka decoys, SPS-62 antennas and the majority of the parts needed for the quad or twin Harpoon launcher. The Harpoon launcher will require small plastic rod to form the missile canisters.

Fret A

B has a variety of details, from blades for the ships props, .50 cal machine guns, a number of watertight doors, both single and double. There are also replacement hanger doors and upgrade anchors.

Fret B

Fret C is mainly railings, with a few aerials and grills added.

Fret C

An upgraded helo deck and a replacement mast make up the majority of D, with many of the details, platforms, etc for the mast included.

Fret D

The final fret, "E", is mostly deck edge saftey netting for the helo recovery area.

Fret E

The instructions are 2 sheets, printed in color on both sides, for a total of 4 pages. The instructions can be vague about parts placement, and some parts are mislabeled (or the parts of the fret are misnumbered).


This set looks to be very inclusive, and cover many details of ships throughout the class. The modeler will need to exercise some caution and planning when using this set, however, as the instructions and size of the some of the smaller PE parts may be difficult for a novice 1/700 modeler.

Thanks to Flyhawk Models for this review sample.