FlyHawk Model 1/700 Modern USN Weapon II

Reviewed by Sean Hert

This small detail set from Flyhawk allows the modeler of modern USN vessels to update with a few added weapons. This set contains 33 .50 cal Browning machine guns with gun shields, which can be assembled as either single or twin mounts, 18 M249 SAW's, and 13 Mk53 Nulka decoy launchers.

The machine guns are appropriate for virtually any US ship. The Nulka decoy system, originally an Australian system, is deployed on a variety of US, Australian and Canadian ships.

In the US Navy;

  • Ticonderoga class CG
  • Arleigh Burke class DD
  • Whidbey Island class LSD
  • San Antonio class LPD
  • LCS2 Independence/LCS4 Coronado
  • USCG National Security Cutters (NSC)


A great little detail set. The M249's are mostly nondiscript, but the M2's and the Nulka's should be useful for many ships, and should be easy to accentuate any kits that need updating.