Flyhawk 1/700
IJN Anti-Aircraft Weapons III

by Sean Hert

This set from Flyhawk is the third in a series of upgrade AA weapons for IJN vessels. This set replaces the Type 96 Single 25mm gun, as well as the box anti-air rocket launchers seen on some late war IJN carriers. The Type 96 was ubiquitous in the Japanese Navy throughout the war, whereas the anit-aircraft rocket was a relative late innovation.


A single sheet of folding instructions is included.


Another great little set of photoetched parts, a big improvement over the usual poorly shaped plastic ones available in kits.

This is set #FH700069 1/700 IJN Anti-Aircraft Weapons III has a list price of $13.95. Flyhawk products are available from many online and traditional retailers. thanks Flyhawk for providing this review sample. /td>