Flyhawk 1/700
IJN Anti-Aircraft Weapons II

by Sean Hert

This set from Flyhawk is the second of a series of upgrade anti-aircraft weapons for IJN vessels. This set replaces the Type 96 Twin and Triple 25mm gun mountings, as seen on most IJN warships throughout the war. The Type 96 was the standard AA gun of the IJN, filling both a light and medium duty role.

The triple mount consists of three parts, the twin four. There are a number of folds to be made for each, but nothing that looks too complex. This set includes 20 of the twin mounts, and 32 of the triples; plenty to outfit a number of IJN ships.


A single sheet of folding instructions is included. Assembly appears fairly straightforward.

Another great little set of photoetched parts, a big improvement over the usual plastic ones available in kits.

This is set #FH700068 1/700 IJN Anti-Aircraft Weapons II has a list price of $13.95. Flyhawk products are available from many online and traditional retailers. thanks Flyhawk for providing this review sample. /td>