FlyHawk Model 1/700 USN Railing

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Flyhawk set FH 700063 is comprised of 9 different US Navy railings. There are 2 types of the standard 3-bar; some pre-curved types, suitable for bows, and straight runs for the normal deck edge placement. There are other railing types, 3-bar with net, 2 bar, etc. There is also a boardig platform for the accomodation ladders, extra ladders and the railings suitable for attaching around a ships' stack. Most of the railins are in lengths of just over 4.25", or about 108mm.


The instructions are color printed on a single sheet.


These railings are found on US Navy vessel in WW II. This set would be suitable for any USN project, and would be handy to have around for the 1/700 USN modeller.

Thanks to Flyhawk Models for this review sample.