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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Flyhawk continues to release new photo etch sets for ship modelers. This one includes three types of anti aircraft gun mounts included in this set. The old 1.1" quad machine gun mount widely used on ships right up to the early war years. The twin 40 mm bofors gun mount that replaced them beginning in 1942. Finally the 40 mm single mount found on Submarines, PT boats, and even some Benson/Gleaves class destroyers.
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The parts are all relief etched to make the details stand out and give a more 3D appearance. The modeler supplies his own .3 mm plastic spacers to build up the base rings on the 40 mm mounts.
40 mm Twin Mount (x 12)
The twin 40 mm mounts includes a base with platform, seats, foot pedals, and railings that all fold so there will be a minimum of gluing needed. The separate gun assembly also folds up to represent a twin mount. The sites and mounting ring are separate. 
40 mm Single Mount (x 8)
The 40 mm single mount fold up in a similar fashion to the twin mount. It also includes separate sights and railings.
1.1" Quad Mount (x 12)
The 1.1" mount has a separate gun assembly with fold over sights. The base folds up to form a nice 3D assembly and a separate base ring completes it.
The instructions are a single page illustrating the assembly of the three weapons featured.
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This is a handy set to have around for detailing your 1/700 scale US Navy ships. The guns are smartly designed and fold up into nice neat little assemblies. These photo etch weapons are a great improvement over the typical plastic ship parts. This set retails for around $15.00 and can be found wherever fine ship accessories are found.