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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Flyhawk continues to release new photo etch sets for ship modelers. This one includes four frets with all kinds of details from the standard railings to complete platform assemblies. 
Designed to fit the new Aoshima kit of the IJN battleship Fuso this set overcomes the limitations of the thick plastic parts included in the kit. 
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The first fret includes new platforms and structure details. These are relief etched and well designed. I like the way the railings are attached to the various platforms. This will make it much easier to position them properly. Some of the platforms include a raised diamond plate pattern etched on the decks. It is a little overscale but in my opinion enhances the detail of the parts. Especially when a light wash is applied to bring out the details on the finished model.
Close ups of fret.
This fret includes more platforms, gun tubs, and some really nice open lattice work for the various searchlight towers. Also included are some really nice open doorways with folding inside and outside details. Custom fitted railings and braces for the many deck levels are also included.
Davits, booms, and mast details are included on this fret. Again really nice relief etching is included to bring out the details. Fold up anchors assemblies will look much better than the kit parts.
The final fret includes all kinds of railings. In addition, there are funnel footrails that will really bring the funnels to life.
The instructions are a six pages illustrating the many sub assemblies. These are nicely drawn and do a good job of illustrating where all the parts go.
he assembly of the three weapons featured.
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Flyhawk continues to add high quality photo etch to their product line. This new detail set is all inclusive and has virtually all the super detail parts you will need to transform your Fuso into a work of art. It is listed on the Pacific Front website for $30 and is a great value for all the extra detail it adds.