Flyhawk 1/350
Prinz Eugen 1945 Super Detail

by Sean Hert

DKM Prinz Eugen. One of the most famous German ships of World War 2. Present at the Battle of Denmark Straits and The Channel Dash, and one of only 2 German cruisers to survive the war. Eugen was the third ship built of the Admiral Hipper class of heavy cruisers, but was built to slightly larger dimensions than the first two (Admiral Hipper and Blücher). Prinz Eugen foundered while under tow, in late 1946, from damage sustained from the Operation Crossroads atomic tests "Able" and "Baker"

The Hipper class of cruisers was Germany's "Treaty Cruiser", built with 203mm (8") guns. The 203mm SK C/34 battery was placed in four twin turrets, two forward and two aft. The Hippers were also armed with 4 x 3 533mm torpedo tubes (12 total), 12 105mm SK C/33 AA guns, up to 3 aircraft, and a host of medium and light AA weapons, increased through the life of these ships.

Flyhawk's update set for Trumpeter's Eugen is comprised of *17* frets of brass photoetch, and machined brass barrels for the main battery and the anti-aircaft secondaries. This expansive upgrade set is not for the shy or timid.


This first fret of photoetch, fret A, as a number of parts for detailing the conning tower, including what appears to be an entire photoetched replacement for the admiral's bridge. There are some complicated structures to be assembled here.


This fret continues the conning tower and bridge replacements and details.


Fret C moves back on Eugen, detailing the funnel, replacing vents, AA tubs, walkways and railings.


The etch on this fret replaces much of the mast, yards, and boat storage.


Fret E is focused on the Arado seaplane, the catapult and the hangar. It has replacement/upgrade walls for the hangar, a replacement catapult that is much more detailed than the kit item, and an undercarrage for the seaplane floats, a prop and a radio aerial. The upgrades for the hangar should tempt any owner of this kit model that hangar door open.


This one has few more boat storage chocks, and parts to make the FuMO 26, FuMO 8 (x18), FuMO 27 and FuMO 25 radars.


G has the bases for the turret-mounted 2CM Flakvierling L38, assorted ammo boxes, and sundry details for the main turrets, and replacement fuse-setters for the twin 10.5CM AA mounts. Flyhawk also snuck some of the classic railed ladders on this fret as well.


Fret H has a large selection of replacement portholes, scuttles and some additional ladders.


Fret I has replacements for Eugen's two primary cranes. Not only is the crane replaced by photoetch, but the pulleys, blocks and cables are here as well.


Vents, louvers and cable reels make up the bulk of fret J, and some details to spruce up the triple torpedo tubes- both the open and armored launch controls.


This fret is broken up into sections, each surrounded by an etched border, indicating groups of parts. Each group is intended to update a specific ship's boat.


It's all about the hatches; square, round; open, closed; big, little.


Davits, lines and accomodation ladders.


This fret has the various railings needed for Eugen. There are five styles of railing, including some preshaped for the bow, as well as two styles of ladders and hand rungs.


Ammo boxes, a nicely etched crest for on the stern, and etched tracks to replace the overscale molded-on torpedo handling tracks the edge the 01 deck.


Fret P has the parts necessary to build 18 4CM FLAK 28's. These are a complete replacement for the kit parts.


This final fret of photoetch has more weapon details, mostly the replacements for the six 2CM Flakvierling L38's.


There are 20 machined brass barrels, consisting of 2 different calibers. There are 8 203mm main guns, 2 for each of the 4 turrets. Next, there 12 of the 105mm barrels for the twin AA mounts.

203mm/60 (8") SKC/34

10.5CM (4.1") SKC/33

Flyhawk has their normal three color, multi-sheet set of instructions, six pages in this case. Flyhawk relies on little text, using sequential drawings to illustrate assembly.


This super detail set from Flyhawk, while not exhaustive, it is quite extensive, and will take your Eugen model to a level of detail well surpassing that of the base kit and most photoetch sets. Well recommended- and a good deal at less than $100.00

This is set #FH350069 1/350 WWII German Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen (For Trumpeter 05313) with a list price of $79.95. Flyhawk products are available from many online and traditional retailers. thanks Flyhawk for providing this review sample.