Flyhawk 1/350
Aircraft Transport Pathway & Spinning Back Plate

by Sean Hert
August 2012

This fret titled "Aircraft Transport Pathway & Spinning Back Plate" would perhaps better be described as "Aircraft Transport Rails, Rountables and Floatplane Details." The aircraft handling rails and turntables are a common sight on WWII IJN warships, mostly on the variety of cruisers fielded in those years.

This set includes 14 pieces of track which can be trimmed to needed lengths, 16 turntables, 30 short rails to place atop the turntables, and details for two each of the Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane E13A1 and the Type 0 Observation Seaplane F1M2.


A single sheet of instructions is included.


This is set #FH 35004 1/350 Aircraft Transport Pathway & Spinning Back Plate set has a list price of $14.95. Flyhawk products are available from many online and traditional retailers. thanks Flyhawk for providing this review sample. /td>