1/700 Ticonderoga and Spruance CLASS
Photo etch set by Flagship Models
If you are building the one of the 1/700 kits of the Ticonderoga or Spruance Class Cruisers or Destroyers such as the Bunker Hill CG-60 then you need a good Photo Etch set to detail it out. Flagship has one such set with plenty of parts to detail out the ship.

Note: image scanned in B&W to allow higher resolution without increasing file size.
Some of the parts included in the set are:
  • Bow rails with slant to match kit
  • two, three and five bar rails
  • crewmen
  • Seahawk helicopter rotors ready and folded.
  • Radar assemblies SPS-49 and SPS-40
  • Safety nets for helo deck
  • yardarm foot ropes
  • anchor with chain
  • various antennas
  • inclined stairs
The instructions are well illustrated and show not only where all the parts go, but also the parts on the plastic kit that they replace. 

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A great set that has the right details to make your Cruiser or Destroyer stand out. The relief etching on the rotors help create a 3D effect. If you plan on building any of the Ticonderoga Class Aegis Cruisers or Spruance Class DD's then this set is just what you need to finish it in style.

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