Flagship Models 1/350
Early War Fletcher Class Destroyer
Photo Etch set
One of the best ship kits in 1/350 scale is the Tamiya Fletcher kit. It is a great first ship kit and has real potential for superdetailing. This Photo Etch set addresses some of those weak points in the kit.
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The parts in this set are custom designed to replace the kit parts. The deck railings are tailored to fit the kit without measuring and cutting each section, and they have a realistic drooped chain look to them. The deck splinter shields are relief etched and really look much better than the kit supplied parts as these have a real scale appearance. Stretcher baskets are even included opening the door for some great underway personnel transfer dioramas!
Click the images above for some close-up views of the fret.
Included in the set are:
  • Watertight doors (5'6" and 5')
  • 5" Gun Turret doors
  • Twin 40 gun mount rails and sights
  • Inclined ladders (custom made for the kit)
  • Superstructure bracing for bridge wings
  • Yardarm and mast platforms
  • Fighting lights and BK antenna
  • Whistle platform with railing
  • Stretcher baskets
  • Storage bins
  • Depth charge racks
  • K-gun racks
  • Depth charge davits
  • Boat details and pulley blocks
  • SC and SC-2 Radar
  • SG radar
  • Mk 12 and 37 Radar
  • Propellers and Propeller Guards
  • Splinter shields
  • 20 MM gun assemblies
  • Ladder stock
  • Bow and stern rails with safety netting
  • Bridge railing
  • Standard rails without netting
The instructions are well illustrated and show not only where all the parts go, but also the parts on the plastic kit that they replace. 
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A great set that will turn the an average kit into a potential work of art. This set retails for $32.00 and is available from your favorite Hobby Shop or direct from Flagship Models via their website.

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