1/350 Arleigh Burke Class
Photo etch set by Flagship models
The Panda Arleigh Burke DDG caused quite a stir in the 1/350 modelers world. While it is a pretty nice kit, it is fairly plain and lacking in details. Enter Flagship Models with a dedicated set to enhance that kit and allow you to build a contest winner. This set is custom tailored for that kit with railings that are relief etched to give the stanchions and mooring chocks more thickness than the ropes. This set included everything you need to finish off your ship in style.
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There are safety nets for the helo deck, and door and hatch details. One nice touch is the custom inclined ladders with attached platforms. The ladders have steps that can be posed for a more realistic appearance. One thing that really make the set stand out are the mast and yardarm details. Rather than provide separate folded and extended rotors for the SH-60 Sea Hawk, the rotors are assembled between the hubs on an pin that allows them to pivot. There are also a number of crewmen to man the rails. Zodiak boat details are also included.
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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The instructions are well written and well illustrated. They show the various subassemblies and illustrate the different fits on the Flight I, and II, and also the Flight IIa. But there are a number of parts that are not mentioned.
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This is set #FM 350-13 with a list price of $32.00. If you have the Panda kit, you need this set. It has all you need to finish the ship in style.

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