Classic Warships1/700 Scale
WW2 USN Destroyer Set Weapons

For those of you that are unhappy with the overscale appearance of most light Anti-Aircraft weapons included in some of the 1/700 scale kits available today, there is an alternative.

Classic Warships has released their Destroyer weapons set. This brass photo-etch fret includes thirteen 50 caliber, thirty six 20 mm single and twelve 20 mm twin weapons. The 20's are made up of 2 parts, the gun and base with the shield being separate. They look a little two dimensional, but that may not be as big an issue in this small scale.

My one complaint with this set is that there were no instructions provided. Yes I know these are very basic and there are few ways to get it wrong, but there should still be some instructions or details provided.

I plan on using these with my next ship building project and will report on how they go in a latter update.