Corsair Armada
1/700 Open Doors and Hatches
Corsair Armada product review
Review by Timothy Dike
Another fine item from Corsair Armada are these Open Doors and Hatches. If you have ever wanted to add open doors to your ships you know the most difficult part is the door frame and how you attach the door to it. This set addresses that problem with the inclusion of the door frame. For partly open doors or hatches you can glue the outside door to the backside of the door and have an extremely realistic door assembly. 

Note also the hatches that will allow you to show your ships with the hatches propped open. The doors come in several different styles and sizes, mostly the typical USN style of doors.

The set is relief etched so the panel lines and latches stand out nicely. 

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Note: The first run of this set have the tabs that hold the doors to the fret etched too thin. This allows the center section of doors to twist on the fret and drop off easily. The art work is already corrected for the next batch, but this first run of parts is available for $4 each (without instructions) if you mention that you saw them on That's $4.00 Postage included, checks or money orders only (no Pay Pal or credit cards). Personally I don't see this as a problem as long as you don't handle the fret over your carpet. I simply keep my doors in a plastic bag.

This is set #PE-7002 Open doors and hatches for $5.50 A must have to really superdetail your 1/700 scale ships. Check the Corsair Armada website for ordering details.