by Timothy Dike
Alliance ModelWorks 
There is a single brass fret in this set that includes two large factory buildings, a guard house, and a concrete block building./ The latter is typical of those used to store munitions. The large building is typical of factory buildings found in most any country and is assembled from two halves and four roof sections. These are smartly engineered for easy assembly with a minimum of visible joints. Also included are some figures in various poses and electric poles to run power to the factory. The images below are from Alliance Model Works showing the assembled buildings. 
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The instructions are a single page showing the assembly for all the building types. These should be all you need as the assembly is pretty straightforward. 
This set is just the ticket for someone who wants to expand their diorama beyond the dock edge. These buildings will stand out from those now available in plastic. 

This is set number # NW70001 Dockyard Diorama Accessories - Dockyard building set 1 with a list price of $13.00 US. That is certainly a great price for this 1/700 real estate! Check out the other sets on the Alliance ModelWorks Website.