by Timothy Dike
Alliance ModelWorks is a new company producing photo etch for modelers. They have produced a variety of new sets in 350 and 700 scale that are sure to interest modelers such as this set with 40 mm Bofors ammo racks. This first one caught my eye as I think it's the first time I have seen individual ammo clips produced in this scale. 
There is a single brass fret in this set that includes a variety of 40 mm gun tub racks. They are the based mostly on the circular 40 mm gun tubs. There are also "D" shape and some other more complex shapes. This set is not designed for any single kit, rather for generic gun tub shapes typical of US Navy ships. The racks are slotted for the ammo clips and there are enough individual ammo clips to mount one in each of the slots. 
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The instructions are a single page showing the two level placement of the racks and the location of the ammo clips. This is all pretty much basic info. 
This set is not for everyone, but if your the kind of modeler that likes to go above and beyond, this is your set. The racks will add another dimension to your 40 mm gun tubs and the ammo clips are just awesome. This set should do several different ships and would be a great addition to your spare parts stash. 

This is set number # NW35023 Platform & Ammo Storage for WWII US 40mm Bofors AA Guns with a list price of $13.00 US. Certainly a reasonable amount for this super detail set. Check out the other sets on the Alliance ModelWorks Website.