by Timothy Dike
Alliance ModelWorks has a new set of 1/350 floater net baskets available for US Navy ships. Several sizes are provided with brackets and even life raft bottom netting.
The first fret contains the main parts with finely etched baskets. There are several types of brackets that are wall mount and floor mount styles. Those brackets fold in half to give a more substantial appearance. The raft netting allows you to cut away the plastic flooring that is provided with most kits and replace with more realistic netting. 
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This fret has the floats that are typically stowed in the brackets. They are a little flat, but you can thicken them up by applying super glue and painting.. Bend them to fit and place them in the basket for a more realistic look.

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The instructions are a single page showing the various catapult assembly steps for both types.
This is handy set that will allow you to upgrade the typical US Navy ship of WW2.  This is set number #NW35014 WWII US Navy Floater Net Baskets with a list price of $13.00 US. Check out this one and the other sets on the Alliance ModelWorks Website.