PE Review
Reviewed August 2014
by Timothy Dike
 AKA Model is new company producing details for modelers. This is one of their first releases; Japanese Deguassing cables, and porthole covers. 
This is a pretty simple fret with 20 rows of cables and over 400 covers. The cables include relief etched strap detail and can be bent to follow the proper path along the hull sides. The covers have waht appears to be bolt heads along the edges giving them a more 3D look. 
The instructions are show typical installation and are pretty basic.
This new set from AKA Models is handy to have around for upgrading your IJN fleet. One fret will do a lot of ships. This is set #PD7004 IJN Degaussing Cable and Sealed Cap available direct or online stores such as Freetime Hobbies for $8.95