PE Review
Reviewed August 2014
by Timothy Dike
 AKA Model is new company producing details for modelers. This is their 1/700 Japanese light anti aircraft weapons set. Specifically twin and triple 25 mm anti-aircraft guns mounts. This set includes 16 twins and 24 triple mounts. 
The first fret included the gun assemblies in single and twin style. The single gun mounts is added to the middle of the mount o make a triple gun assembly. Relief etchings helps give the guns some surface detailing.
The second fret includes the base ring, the shield, and yoke assembly. Separate sights are included. the assembly looks pretty straightforward and the final product looks pretty detailed. 
The instructions are front and back of a small card clearly showing the folding and assembly.
This new set from AKA Models is another handy set to allow you to replace those clunky plastic gun assemblies on today's kits. 

This is set # PD7001 1/700 AKA Models IJN 25mm AA Gun Twin & Triple Without Shield available direct or online stores such as Freetime Hobbies for $8.95