PE Review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
June 2014
 AKA Model is new company producing details for modelers. This is their first set and it is designed to upgrade the Aoshima Kagero kits from 1941, 42, or 45. It is an impressive mix of four photo etch frets, resin turrets and boats, and brass CNC machined gun barrels. 
The first fret includes new bridge walls, platforms for the gun mounts, and funnel details. These are relief etched to bring out the details like the diamond plate pattern on the decks. 
Boat decks for the resin boats, and davits to handle them are among the details on this fret. Open doors are made up of a tri-fold assembly to give you the door frame and inside and outside detailing. 
New linoleum covered decks for the fore and aft also feature relief etching. New yardarm and mast details are a big improvement over the plastic parts in the kit. Single and twin 25 mm machine guns are also included. 
Custom length railings are included for all parts of the ship. Machine guns and vertical and inclined ladders fill out the fret. 
New resin gun turrets are provided to replace the inaccurate plastic ones in the kit. These have cast on blast bags with mounting holes to hold the gun barrels. 
The ships boats are a big improvement over the kit parts. 
Six CNC machined 5" gun barrels are provided to give your weapons a true-to-scale appearance. 
The instructions are front and back of a full color fold-out sheet. Parts are shown by themselves and installed on the ship. These are very well illustrated and helpful. In additional bending guide shown on the right will help you get the right angles on your parts. 
This new set from AKA Models is very professional and is engineered specifically for the Aoshima kits. The decals and resin parts are a bonus. This set should help you recreate an accurate model of the IJN Kagero. 

This is 1/700 AKA Model IJN Destroyer Kagero Class 1941-1945 Perfect Detail-UP Pack (for Aoshima) with a list price of $39.95. Available direct or online stores such as Freetime Hobbies