Tetra Modelworks review
Reviewed October 2015
by Timothy Dike
This new details set by Tetra Model Works is designed to upgrade the Trumpeter 1/350 Royal Navy Type 45 Daring Class Destroyer.  It includes to extensive photo etch frets and the length of anchor chain.
The first fret includes new bridge platforms with thin splinter shields.  Custom cut railings are provided to fit the kit.  Safety netting is provided to surround the helo deck.  Relief etching helps enhance the netting and open mesh on the platforms.
The second fret contains accommodation ladders, watertight doors, and light machine guns.  Again relief etching helps enhance the details.
.A length of real metal chain is provided to give your kit a more realistic look.
The instructions are two full color pages illustrated with a completed model and subassembly views. It helps to study the instructions to see all the little details included that I did not mention. 
The following images are supplied by the manufacture illustrating the trumpeter kit with the photo etch which details applied.
This new set from Tetra Model Works includes virtually everything you need to upgrade your Daring Class Destroyer. 

This is set  #SE35005 1/350 Tetra Model Works HMS Type 45 Set retailing for about $30.00 US on Free Time Hobbies site. Thanks to Tetra Model Works for the review sample. 

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