Reviewed November 2016
by Chris Martens
Up for review is a Tetra Models designed photo etch for the modern JMSDF destroyer Atago. The aftermarket set comes with two frets of PE, anchor chain, and a barrel for the warship’s 5” gun. Packaging is pretty simple and standard for modern etch sets, coming in a clear package backed by stiff cardboard. 
Like much of Tetra’s offerings, the PE is wonderfully details, extensive, and well designed. Attachment points to the fret are easily removed and the brass is indented where the modeler would fold it. Frets are clearly labeled.  Click images
to enlarge
Tetra also provides a link of chain and barrel for the 5” gun, which are welcome additions. The barrel is hollow and properly shaped to match the Mk-45 design
Instructions are provided on a single double sided piece of paper. The direction give the modeler both the positioning of the brass via a demo model and instructions for folding/building up etch subassembles that will be placed on the model. The included photographs of placement really help the builder easily attack all PE to the kit. 
As usual, Tetra offers a great aftermarket set. This PE/accessory set is relatively cheap at roughly $38.00, giving a modeler a complete, one source option for their superdetailed build.

I would like to thank Tetra for the opportunity to do this review.    

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