Pontos Models review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
June 2014
Tetra Model Works is a new player in the ship modeling world haas a new detail set for the Trumpeter USS Lassen DDG-82. The Trumpeter kit is pretty nice but a little soft in the details. This Tetra set takes care of that with two frets of relief etch brass, a new machined main gun barrel, and anchor chain to trick out your DDG. 
The first fret includes the railings, all custom cut for the various locations. New doors and grills are far superior to the plastic parts. Safety netting is also included with  very finely etched netting. 
The second fret includes the radar panels, mast and platforms details and such basic items as inclined ladders, and helo rotors. New boat decks and  details will help detail out the RHIB's. The mast details are very well done with all kinds antenna and meteorological gear. New anchorways provide a nice base for the anchor chain. New machine guns and shields are included as well. 
A new 1 × 5"/62 cal  (127 mm) CNC turned brass barrel is provided to replace the plastic one in the kit for a more to-scale look. New anchor chain to go on the above mentioned anchorways is also included. . 
The instructions are two full color pages illustrated with a completed model and subassembly views. It helps to study the instructions to see all the little details included that I did not mention. 


This new set from Tetra Model Works is perfect for any of the Trumpeter Arleigh Burke Class Flight IIa DDG's. You will find it to be a very complete detail set for a very reasonable price. This is set  #SE35001 1/350 Tetra Model Works USS Lassen DDG-82 Set retailing for about $45.00 US on Free Time Hobbies site. Thanks to Tetra Model Works for the review sample.  

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