KA Models MK-1 1/200 USS Iowa BB-61 Detail Set
Reviewed 9/1/2015
by Timothy Dike
KA models has another detail set for 1/200 scale modelers.  This one is designed to upgrade the USS Iowa BB-61.  The set includes 23 photo etch frets, 1 pre painted photo etched part, a full wooden deck, 272 machined Brass barrels and detail parts, resin blast bags, and even anchor chain.
The wooden deck pieces are laser cut and etched and precut to fit the kit.  The planking is nicely spaced and includes the correct border trim.  These pieces are self adhesive.  So all you have to do his peel and stick.
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Iowa-Deck-01a Iowa-Deck-01b Iowa-Deck-01c Iowa-Deck-01d Iowa-Deck-01e
Iowa-Deck-01f Iowa-Deck-01g Iowa-Deck-01h Iowa-Deck-01i Iowa-Deck-01j
Iowa-Deck-01k Iowa-Deck-01l Iowa-Deck-01m
News 16 inch 50 cal gun barrels are provided.  These have drilled out ends and pins to facilitate mounting.  5" 38 Cal gun barrels also have drilled out ends and a machined base to help the twin barrels stay aligned.  Another nice touch are the 16 inch rounds that can be displayed on the deck. Iowa-Metal-01
Iowa-Metal-01a Iowa-Metal-01b Iowa-Metal-01c Iowa-Metal-01d
Iowa-Metal-01e Iowa-Metal-01f Iowa-Metal-01h
New mast parts are also machine out of Brass.  Some of the parts still had machine shavings clinging to them.  These are easily removed that your fingers. Iowa-Metal-02
Iowa-Metal-02a Iowa-Metal-02b Iowa-Metal-02c
A multitude of 40 mm gun barrels are provided to replace the plastic ones in the kit.  These are nicely shaped with grooves to simulate the coil springs and nice flared out ends. Iowa-Metal-03
Iowa-Metal-03a Iowa-Metal-03b Iowa-Metal-03c
Various antenna polls are machined with an impressive taper and will help add realism to your kit. Iowa-Metal-04
Iowa-Metal-04a Iowa-Metal-04b Iowa-Metal-04c
New bells and horns are finely machined out of Brass and aluminum.  The flagpole even has a decorative ball at the end. Iowa-Metal-05
Iowa-Metal-05a Iowa-Metal-05b Iowa-Metal-05c Iowa-Metal-05d
New 20 mm gun barrels and pedestals are included.  The barrels are impressive with their fine grooving and drilled out ends. Iowa-Metal-06
Iowa-Metal-06a Iowa-Metal-06b Iowa-Metal-06c Iowa-Metal-06d
Radar antenna bases will complement the photo etch assemblies. Iowa-Metal-07
Iowa-Metal-07a Iowa-Metal-07b Iowa-Metal-07c
Real metal chain will help add realism to your kit. Iowa-Metal-08
This relief etched Brass for at includes floater net baskets, inclined ladders, perforated catwalks and hatches. Iowa-PE-A
New custom length railings are precut specifically for the kit.  Two bar and three bar railings are included as well as some with drooping chain. Iowa-PE-ABa
Open doors and hatches and other detail parts are included here. Iowa-PE-Armament-B
40 mm gun shields, railings and other details are on this fret. Iowa-PE-Armament-C
20 mm gun shields, ammo cans, sights, yokes, and other details will go along nicely with the turned Brass parts. Iowa-PE-Armament-D
More railings, vertical and inclined ladders and rungs are provided here. Iowa-PE-C
A multitude of rungs are included here. Iowa-PE-D
The relief etching on some of these parts is impressive. Iowa-PE-E
Parts for the catapult assemblies are included here. Iowa-PE-F
Catwalks for around the funnel, boat davit parts, and new boat decks are among the parts included here. Iowa-PE-G
Ammo racks for the 40 mm gun mounts are included on the fret. Iowa-PE-H
More ammo racks for the 40 mm. Iowa-PE-I
More floater net baskets and frames with really nice relief etching. Iowa-PE-J
The stern aircraft crane assembly and other detail parts. Iowa-PE-K
Accommodation ladders, portholes and covers. Iowa-PE-L
A variety of doors and hatches some with open frames all nicely relief etched. Iowa-PE-M
New perforated platforms and mass detail parts. Iowa-PE-Mast-A
These etched parts are pre painted.  They include fire hoses, life rings all painted red and white.  Color tipped propeller blades for the seaplanes are included. Iowa-PE-N
The set shares common parts with the USS Missouri upgrade set.  These parts such as the bridge windows and railings are specific to the USS Iowa. Iowa-PE-O
Air search radar assemblies, and fire control radar assemblies. Iowa-PE-Radar-A
New resin blast bags are provided.  They have mounting sockets to accept the Brass barrels. Iowa-Resin-01
Iowa-Resin-01a Iowa-Resin-01b
Other details include new range finders with canvas covers to replace crude plastic ones in the kit.  The casting quality is quite good. Iowa-Resin-02
Iowa-Resin-02a Iowa-Resin-02b Iowa-Resin-02c
Instructions are 16 pages almost all in full color showing the various sub assemblies.  These are very detailed.
Iowa-Page-01 Iowa-Page-02 Iowa-Page-03 Iowa-Page-04
Iowa-Page-05 Iowa-Page-06 Iowa-Page-07 Iowa-Page-08
Iowa-Page-09 Iowa-Page-10 Iowa-Page-11 Iowa-Page-12
Iowa-Page-13 Iowa-Page-14 Iowa-Page-15 Iowa-Page-16

This set is a great one stop solution for upgrading your Trumpeter Iowa class battleship.  The sheer quantity of parts in this set is almost overwhelming.  There are a lot of features and highlights and I probably missed in my review so please refer to the photos to get a better look.

Thanks to KA Models for the review sample. It is listed as kit #MD-20008 1/200 USS IOWA DX PACK for Trumpeter with a list price of around $280 if however Free Time Hobbies has it on sale for $224.95

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