Reviewed December 2016
by Timothy Dike
Infini  models has released a new set of U.S. Navy WW2 radars.  Almost every single naval radar used during the war is included.  The set includes a relief etched Brass fret and turned brass bases for mounting.  This set is smartly engineered to produce the most realistic effects. 
The etching is extremely fine and the parts appear to be interlock nicely.
Included in the set are:
  • 1 ea. XAF radar
  • 1 ea. CXAM radar 
  • 1 ea. CXAM-1 radar
  • 1 ea. SK radar 
  • 1 ea. SK-2 radar 
  • 2 ea. SM radar 
  • 2 ea. YE radar
  • 2 ea. SC radar
  • 2 ea. SC-2 radar
  • 4 ea. SG radar
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    The turned Brass parts really make to set and give the radars the precision base to mount on.
    The instructions are well written and illustrated and show step by step the assembly process.  They also show how detailed these radar assemblies are.


    This may easily be the most detailed U.S. navy radar set  I have reviewed.  It is an excellent set to add the finishing touch your masterpiece. Highly recommended.

    Thanks to Kraken Hobbies for the review sample. It is listed as kit #IMP-35004R1 WW2 US Navy Radar Set.

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