Reviewed September 2016
by Chris Martens
Infini Models is a relatively new company that has been expanding its line of offerings rather quickly. Up for review is their IJN Inclined Ladder Set, containing several sizes of ladders for your World War 2 era Japanese vessel. 
Removing the sheet from the packaging is easy and all the finer bits of detail appear well protected. The fret contains several copies of each size, providing the modeler with several options to best match his/her needs.  Click images
to enlarge
Detail on these sets is incredible. The steps display a perforated relief, fine hand rails, and supporting truss. Infini even provides the modeler with several various sizes of step, both in length and width. The fact that ladders on ships were often of various shapes and sizes is a detail often missed among PE manufacturers. The attention to this detail is both useful and refreshing. 
Construction is simple and intuitive. Like many ladders, the builder folds the hand rails up and bends the steps to shape. 
This is an exceptional set from an aftermarket designer who is demonstrating that his skill and attention to accuracy is second to none. Mr Park’s work is highly, highly recommended! My thanks to Infini Models for the review sample.

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