Reviewed by Timothy Dike
If you bought a Trumpeter Massachusetts or Alabama and are unhappy with the turrets, here's a set that will make you happy. Yankee Modelworks produced the best South Dakota class battleship in 1/350 scale. They therefor have the best 16" turrets and have made them available for those who need more than plastic can offer.
The set included three resin cast main gun turrets. These have some really nice surface detailing. Perhaps the nicest thing here is that you only seam you will have to fill is for the sighting hoods. 
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The 5" turrets look nice. They feature nice opening frames around the gun slots, cast on sighting hoods, and hatch detail cast on. 
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A bonus feature is the 16" blast bags cast to accept machined gun barrels. You can use these to mount the BMK 16" 45 cal barrels.
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The sighting hoods for the 16" turrets are cast in metal. The main gun barrels are cast with blast bags in place. Keep in mind that if you can always cut off the blast bag and  make your own turned barrels by chucking the them in a drill and polishing them with a file. The 5" gun barrels will need a little cleanup to remove the light flash. With their round base, they can be displayed at any elevation. 
A single page is supplied for the instructions. The parts are identified with their mounting locations. 

If you are content with the bland details of the new South Dakota class kits, then this is probably not the set for you. But if you desire the extra level of detail that can be obtained in resin, then you should consider replacing your plastic parts with this resin and metal set. It's retail price of $30 may seem steep to some, but others will appreciate the detailing possibilities. See the Yankee Modelworks site to see the whole line on their website.