Wood Hunter Deck Series
1/700 Littorio Deck

Reviewed by Sean Hert
August 2012

Wood Hunter is a new company supplying wooden decks for detailing your model ships, and they have tapped into the relatively empty field of 1/700 scale decks. The 1/700 decks offered by Wood Hunter are not just a piece of scribed wood; these sets also include a length of chain and a small fret of photoetch, and are specific to a ship and manufacturer.

The light-color wood decks are approximately .008"/.2mm thick, with regular planks and other deck details laser etched into the wood. A light tracing with a hobby knife is all that is necessary to free the parts. The laminated wood has a stiff plastic backing, protecting the glue layer.

A small test section was removed and placed on the underside of the deck. It adhered very well, and laid flat.


The small fret of brass, relief-etched photoetch has 6 different types of parts:

  • Rails for moving the aircraft cradles
  • Hose and Cable Reels
  • Two styles of deck hatches
  • Catapult support track

A single page of simple instructions are included. This sheet is really more of a parts listing.


Replacement decks like these are growing in popularity in the model ship building hobby, and this should appeal to anyone who wants to upgrade the appearance of their Littorio with real wooden decks! These decks and photoetch are of the highest quality, and are appear to be great value for the price!

Thanks to FlyHawk Models for the review sample. It is listed as #W70055 WWII Italian Navy Littorio Battleship for Trumpeter with an MSRP of $7.00USD.