White Ensign Models
AirStrike 700
1/700 Douglas Devastator
If you are building a model of the Lexington CV2, at the time of her loss, or any of the other pre-Essex class carriers, in the early war years, you might notice that they are missing one of the main components of their air wing. The TBD Devastator was the primary torpedo bomber for the US Navy right up until after the battle of Midway, when the TBF Avengers started replacing them. Though they were somewhat overshadowed by their more successful cousin the SDB dive bomber, they never the less fought bravely at the Battle of the Coral Sea, and Midway. 
The set comes with three of the aircraft as shown, there was very little flash, and the wings are very thin, giving them a scale appearance. Though there are few lines scribed on the surface they are indented and not raised like those found on injection molded sets. White Ensign also offers a # PE 715 photo etch set for the propellers and wheels that are not included with this set. 

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