White Ensign Models
AirStrike 700
1/700 Sikorsky S-58
Helicopter with Photo etch
Here's a great little addition to your 50's-60's carrier. This helo comes with photo etched rotors wheels, and tail stabilizers. The wheel centers are even visible due to the relief etching on the parts.
There is only a small casting gate on the nose to sand off, my sample came crisply molded with very little touch up needed. For the wheels I cut off the horizontal brace and replaced it with a "V" shaped brace cut from PE scrap for the bottom. I filed a notch for the tail stabilizer to help locate it. In retrospect, I should have painted it before adding the main rotor, but couldn't wait to assemble this little jewel.
Basic instructions are provided to show how the parts fit. They could benefit from having exact locations for the etched parts to attach to. You will have to consult pictures or plans of the prototype to get the exact location.

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