Voyager Model 1/700
US Navy 8" Gun barrels

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Voyager Models has some new 1/700 detail sets. This one is a CNC Machined barrel replacement for your US Navy 8" guns. This one is a perfect replacement for the plastic guns on the new Trumpeter/Pit-Road Baltimore class heavy cruisers. They can also be used on other ships such as the  or just about any US Navy heavy cruisers on the market.
The kit includes 10 brass barrels and blast bags. The barrels are precisely machined using CNC lathes to ensure accuracy and consistency. They include a mounting pin and are center drilled to achieve that hollow look. The blast bags are cast resin and will need to be drilled out to accept the barrels. Note the Waveline cast metal 8" gun barrel in the second image below for comparison. These barrels can even be used to improve such great kits as the Combrig New Orleans class cruisers. If you need 5" gun barrels for those secondary guns on that Baltimore then check these out!
The instructions are basic but show you how to drill out the blast bags for the gun barrels.

These are really amazing little barrels and they will really enhance your 700 scale heavies! They are a great improvement over the heavy plastic ones included in today's kits and even those found in the best resin kits. These are listed on the Pacific Front website as Voyager US Navy 8-Inch Brass Barrels w/Blast Bags for $14.00 a great price! In a word WOW! Bravo Voyager Model!