Veteran Models 1/350
IJN Type 96 25mm Single AA Guns
Yet another review
by Sean Hert

The Type 96 25mm AA gun saw use on virtually every ship in the Imperial Japanese navy, as well as extensive use ashore. This gun served in single, twin and triple mounts throughout the war.


This kit contains the part to build 20 single 25mm AA guns. Included is a resin pedestal mount suitable for shipboard installations, and photoetch ring sight and details.

The parts are well formed, and the tiny barrels arrived intact. The resin parts show little flash, and the gun should assembly quickly as easily as the tiny parts will allow.


The instructions show the assembled mount, and simple steps required to build it. Use the images on the box for additional views to aid in assembly.


This little upgrade accessory will improve any kit single 25mm into a state of the art model.

This is Veteran Models #VTW35035 1/350 IJN Type 96 25mm Single AA Gun with a list price of $21.95 and is available from Georgetown Hobbies as #VT-W35035.

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