Veteran Models
1/350 MK-38 MOD2 25mm Chain Gun (with MK-53 NULKA)


Reviewed March 2018
by Martin J Quinn
Veteran Models has released an upgrade set, which contains a pair of MK-38 MOD2 25mm Chain Guns, along with a MK-53 NULKA decoy launching system.   The MK-38 MOD2 25mm Chain Gun is an automatic gun system designed to provide close-in defense support against patrol boats, mines and other in-close threats.   It is deployed on a wide range of USN ships, according to US Navy's website.   The MK-53 NULKA is a decoy system for use against anti-ship missiles. 

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MK-38 25mm Chain Gun
Each gun (there are two in the set) is comprised of three resin parts, one brass barrel and multiple brass photo-etch parts.  The resin parts are well cast, and have good detail.  I found a little bit of flash that needed to be removed from my sample.  The photo-etch is well done, with parts to depict the platform around the gun extended or stowed.   The brass barrels were missing from my sample - the bag they were to be in was empty. 
There are four MK-53 NULKA on one resin runner.  They are well cast, and the detail on them looks good. 
The small photo-etch set has two sets of platforms - one set will depict the platforms extended, the other, stowed.   There is also a set of photo-etch arms to allow a user to manually train and elevate the weapon.
The instructions are on one side of a small, color sheet, and look easy to follow. 
If you are looking to upgrade the weapons system on your modern USN ships, these should do the trick.   They are well detailed and look easy enough to assemble.  The only negative: the missing brass barrels, but I'm sure that can be rectified by reaching out to Veteran Models for replacements. 

This is Veteran Models set VTM35015, 1/350 MK-38 MOD2 25mm Chain Gun (with MK-53 NULKA).  It retails for around $12.00, and is available from many of our sponsors. Thanks to Veteran Models for the review sample.   Recommended.