Veteran Models 1/350
USN RUM-139 ASROC Launcher
Yet another review
by Sean Hert

Need to upgrade the parts on your USN Cold War warrior? Scratchbuilding a USS California CGN-36? Veteran has an accessory for you! Veteran Models has a 1/350 ASROC launcher, crisply molded in resin, ready for your ships.

The ASROC (Anti-Submarine ROCket)was a relatively simple weapon delivery system; in essence, it was a torpedo placed atop a rocket. Some versions also included a nuclear depth charge as a warhead. The idea was the rocket would launch and deploy the weapon, via parachute, as a pre-designated point up to 12 nautical miles distant. This increased the range of the weapon, and minimized launch transients- or noises- that the enemy submarine could detect.


This model is actually of a MK-16 ASROC Launcher (RUM-139 is the designation of the Vertical Launch [VL] ASROC Missile). The kit includes parts to build 3 launchers. Each launcher is made from 6 parts, with 5 being provided by Veteran- the builder will need to provide a small piece of wire to act as a link and pivot. The kits included parts consist of the rest of the launcher- a base and 4 twin cell launch boxes. The launch boxes are all cast on the same sprue, and are quite simple to remove.


A quickly assembled sample, using a piece of paper clip to hold the launch tubes to the base. The resin is soft and resilient, making holes were very easy to drill with a #68 drill bit. The launcher went together in moments. The parts were sprayed with Tamiya Grey Primer to cut down on the glare from surface of the resin. The launch boxes fit loosely to the base, and are positionable.


The instructions show the assembled mount, and simple steps required to build it.


A neat little model of an weapon system seen on many ships serving in many navies around the world, and a welcome aftermarket accessory!

This is set #VTM350008 1/350 RUM-139 ASROC Launcher (3 to a package) with a list price of $15.95.

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