Veteran Models 1/350
USN 3"/50 MK-22 Twin Guns (Open Mount)
Yet another review
by Sean Hert

When Allied forces first faced Kamikazes in October of 1944, it quickly became apparent the 20mm's and 40mm's used for close-in AA defense were inadequate to meet this new threat. The warhead was just too small to knock out a kamikaze before impact. The USN choose the 3"/50 Mk 22 then in production; it was the smallest gun which could fire a VT (proximity fuze) shell, and was easily convertible to an automatic gun. The twin mounting of the new 3"/50 automatic gun was called the Mk 27, and was close to the size and weight of the quad 40mm mount, allowing them to be swapped out on a one for one basis. The Mk 27 wasn't ready until after the war, but found service on many ships during the post-war era. Mk 27 was later upgraded to the Mk 33 mount.


This kit of a USN 3"/50 Mk 33 twin AA gun has parts for making 4 of these mounts included. Each mount consists of 10 pieces; the base, 2 gun mounts, 2 guns, the rotary loader and 4 pieces of photoetch details (2 seats and 2 railings). These parts are highly detailed, but delicate. Many of the resin barrels were bent or broken off at the recoil spring, and some details from the mount bases and broken as well. The barrels appear to be the correct length, and taken as a whole, these mounts are impressively detailed. (NOTE: The barrels have a tiny casting plug on the end that will need to be carefully removed)


The instructions show the assembled mount, and simple steps required to build it. PE parts 1 & 2 will need to be installed on both sounds of the gun mount.


A great, highly detailed accessory for your 1/350 post war fleet. Definately recommended.

This is set #VT-M35001 1/350 Modern US 3"/50 Cal Mk 22 Twin Guns (Open Mount) (4 to a package) with a list price of $18.95.

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