It's Tool Time at
Here is a great addition to your tool box; Model Masters Micro Shear Sprue Cutter. These cutters are flat on one side making flush cutting possible. Designed primarily for plastic I have also used mine to cut Photo Etch railing to length, a no-no according to the instructions that come printed on the rear of the card. With a little practice parts can be removed from the sprue with little of no follow up filing needed. 
Since I began rigging my ships I have found it difficult to trim the fine lines to length after they have been glued in place. I've used the Sprue cutter described above with some success, but have been unable to get in close and work between the lines. Well I've found a great pair of scissors that will do just that. Squadron Tools 3-1/2" Curved Hobby scissors are just what's needed to snip those fine lines away. The one drawback with this tool is that the blades only come together at the tips, but that is where you will be doing most of your cutting, so it's a minor concern. These scissors are made from stainless steel and available at all well stocked hobby shops.


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