Berna Assemblers MultiClamps
While at the IPMS Nationals in Chicago I ran across a rather unique new tool. When I first saw the booth, my first thought was don't stop, just keep on walking. But something caught my eye, and that was the variety of ways in which the clamps were demonstrated by Mr. Berna himself  the inventor. So here they are, the Berna Assemblers MultiClamps, and they are not your ordinary clamps. These clamps have poly carbonate jaws on the carbon fiber beam, with flexible silicone rubber buffers. They are very versatile and can be used as spreaders or clamps. They can also be hooked together to provide a variety of holding and clamping functions.
The soft jaws allow you to clamp on just about any surface, and easily conforms to the surface of the part. Notice how the clamp easily works with an delicate funnel on a 1/700 scale kit. Another benefit of the soft jaw is that it will not damage your parts or leave any marks from the clamping. 
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The clamps come with an instruction sheet that illustrates some of the many ways in which the clamp can be employed. These clamps have many uses and work on virtually any scale. They are modular and come in 3" and 8" lengths and as a starter set that includes a couple 3" clamps, one 8" clamp and a connector strip to allow for even more options. They will be a valuable addition to your workbench. If your local hobby shop doesn't carry them then check out the link to Zona Tools.