Tom's Modelworks
1/350th Scale Figures


Reviewed by Devin Poore

Hot on the heels of the L'Arsenal resin figure offerings comes this entry by Tom's Modelworks. 
Prior to the figure sets from L'Arsenal and Tom's Modelworks,  the only options for figures in the ever popular 1/350th scale range have been either etched brass two-dimensional, a very elusive set of plastic figures from Preiser (which is expensive at $13+ for only 5 crewmen), and some white metal war gaming miniatures in 3mm scale.

My package of figures contained 32 examples, multiples of 5 or 6 different poses.  Assembly requirements are basically removal from the casting sprue.  The sprue is attached to most of the figure's heads, and in some cases it is difficult to tell where the casting gate ends and the head begins, so be careful when removing.

The Tom's set differs from the L' Arsenal offering by way of being cast in white metal.  This does offer an advantage over resin, in that the figures can be more easily posed with less chance of breakage.

As can be seen, there are a variety of poses, approximately 7 in my examples.  There are the typical standing and walking poses.  One standing with arms positioned well for placing with a 20mm gun mount, a few that are sitting, possibly for aircraft interiors, and a few that I can't really tell what they are doing, they appear to be leaning forward as if pushing a plane, but I can not be for certain.

Casting is acceptable, but I have to admit, that upon first opening the package, I was a bit disappointed.  After receiving the L' Arsenal set, this set pales in comparison.  Upon further inspection, though, they actually aren't that bad, and probably can be made quite good with some paint and posing.  In most cases, arms, legs, heads, and body are all identifiable separate entities, and the figure looks like a man at "scale distance".  If you get up and look with the penlight and magnifying glass, though, they look a bit rough.  A few examples in my set are short cast, mainly in the legs.  Fortunately these are on the sitting examples, so putting them in gun mount chairs or aircraft cockpits should hide this problem.

The average height for the standing figures is just shy of 6' in full scale, making most of the figures just a bit shorter than the L' Arsenal offerings, but that will make for a good mix (not everyone is 6' tall, you know!).

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Some figures, coated with primer, to make them more visible.

Close-up of some of the first photo set figures.

L'Arsenal figures for comparison.



Are they better than the PE alternative?  Definitely.  Are they comparable to the L' Arsenal competition?  In my opinion, no, not side by side.  If I had seen these figures before the L' Arsenal, then I'd have had a much higher opinion of them.  The casting quality and price of the L' Arsenal figures, though, make them an overall better value to me.  That, of course, is just my personal opinion.

Review samples courtesy of my growing model stash and my shrinking modeling fund.