Scale Model Database

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Suisoft Limited, a software development company based in England, as a database customized for the scale modeler. This software has appeal for all modelers, from those with huge collections of unbuilt kits, to those with large collections of built models. This software allows you track... well, everything. In fact, there's almost too much information! However, just about every part of KitBase is customizable- you can add or hide columns, colors, change sort orders, create multiple views- it's quite impressive. You can add images, artwork, scanned documents and associate them with entries in the database. KitBase also allows you to cross-reference accessories; not only can you track your kits and goodies, but associate that photoetch, wooden deck, and barrel set with the appropriate kit.

The software not only allows you to track what you have, but lets you create a "wanted" database as well. Then, you can generate and print reports of the kits you want and have, so you can browse the dealer's room and swap tables at the local shows without fear of accidentally buying a second- or third- copy of the same kit.

KitBase is geared from the start more toward the other modeling subjects; the common ship scales are not included in the default scale drop lists. However, once added they are saved, and are available as part of the list for future use.

Above images from the Suisoft website

My only real concern is the user manual is pretty simplistic; that being said, if you can navigate a Microsoft Office application and/or have at least a beginner's knowledge of PC's, you should be able to figure out KitBase very quickly.


If you've ever tried to create your own lists of kits, it is very unlikely you've made anything as extensive as this application. It's not only a useful tool, but it's fun to have an excuse to dig through your collection to catalog it! Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Suisoft for the review sample. This software costs $29.95 US (or 14.99 GBP).