Starfighter Decals 1/720
USS Enterprise CVN-65 Hangar Deck

Reviewed by Sean Hert
January 2014

This resin upgrade set is intended for the Revell 1/720 USS Enterprise CVN-65 aircraft carrier kit.

This detail set has 12 parts; most are detailed bulkheads for the hangar deck, with some sponsons and a bridle catcher for the angled flight deck. The sponsons and bridle catcher are only present at certain times in Enterprise's career, so check your photo references before using these parts.


There are no decals included in this kit.


There is a single, double-sided sheet of instructions included. These instructions include a template for the hangar deck which will need to be photocopied


This is set #R7201 with a MSRP of 20.00 USD.

This is only one of Starfighter's resin aircraft and accessories for Aircraft Carrier Kits. See the whole line on their website. Thanks to Starfighter Decals for this review sample.